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Diabetes is a terrible and life-threatening disease. Not only does it significantly affect life quality, but it also causes dangerous complications. Vision loss, kidney failure, digestive issues, loss of sensitivity, and limb amputation are among them. In some cases, the disease may end up in diabetic coma or even death. The biggest problem is that there’s no cure for diabetes so far. Or at least this is what you are told constantly. Nonetheless, there IS a solution. And it’s rather simple and inexpensive. If you don’t believe, just read this review up to the end to find out more about Diabacore supplement, claimed to be a natural and safe way to keep your blood sugar under control.

Diabacore formula

Just recently, in 2021, the World Health Organization has reported that the number of people diagnosed with diabetes has increased fourfold during the last 40 years. According to the official data, 422 million people worldwide suffer from this terrible health condition.

The disease is caused by two factors:

  1. Your pancreas gland doesn’t release enough insulin hormones, and you have to take insulin injections.
  2. Your pancreas releases a sufficient quantity of insulin, but for some reason your body doesn’t respond to it normally.

But why do you require insulin in the first place? Because it helps convert sugar (glucose) into energy your body needs to keep alert, active, and energized. But when there’s something wrong with insulin, it doesn’t do its job and glucose builds up in your bloodstream, causing dangerous complications.

To avoid them you need to constantly check your sugar level and take insulin injections or medications supposed to lower glucose. Both have nasty adverse effects, from nausea and vomiting to terrible migraines and thyroid issues.

Diabacore is an all-natural formula, supposed to fight diabetes and revoke it for good. It directly addresses the root cause and doesn’t trigger any complications. Taking this product, you’ll naturally regulate your blood glucose and enhance insulin sensitivity.

How was it created?

The product was created by Dr. Thomas Sully. For many years, he has been studying diabetes and looking for solutions to it. Yet, after many years of practice, he came to understand that prescription medications for diabetes don’t solve the problem, but only eliminate the symptom. Besides, in some cases they may even be dangerous.

That’s why he made up his mind to find his own solution to the disease. His investigation lasted 2 years. Dr. Sully discovered that there is a close connection between insulin level and special hormones produced by our digestive tract. He realized that after he had found out that people who undergo stomach reduction surgery instantly start feeling better. Their insulin and sugar goes back to normal readings.

So what, do you have to undergo the same surgery to combat your disease? No, fortunately not. There’s another way. All you need is to balance your digestive hormones that interfere with insulin and prevent it from doing its job. Fully determined to help the sufferers, Dr. Sully discovered several natural ingredients able to improve the situation. He combined them and produced a revolutionary formula. He named his invention Diabacore.

This innovative product includes only natural and harmless, yet potent components. The formula has already helped 119,000 people. And you may be the next one.

Diabacore ingredients

But first, let’s have a look at these miraculous ingredients able to regulate your hormones and glucose metabolism.


It is derived from commiphora mukul tree. The word “guggulu” is translated from Sanskrit as “protection from disease”. The tree grows in India, and its bark is widely applied in Aurvedic medicine. It has multiple health benefits, as it:

  • prevents oxidation;
  • has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • lowers the risk of heart issues;
  • prevents arthritis and atherosclerosis;
  • kills dangerous microbes;
  • improves lipid metabolism.

Another wonderful thing about guggul is that it drops blood glucose and thus fights diabetes. That’s why the manufacturer uses it as the key component of the product.

Bitter melon

The plant grows in Asia, Africa, South America, and India and is proven to have anti-diabetic properties. In contains an insulin-like protein called insulin P. This nutrient works like insulin in your body, reducing blood sugar and keeping it under control. Also, bitter melon extract is known to prevent tumors and fight viruses and bacteria.

Licorice root

The extract from licorice root has been widely used in supplementation due to its health benefits. To begin with, it is good for the respiratory system: it fights bronchitis and asthma, reduces cough. Then, the extract improves your digestive function and metabolism, heals ulcers and gastritis. It is also used to detoxify the whole body. And it reduces inflammations, fights depression, and prevents diabetes.

Gymnema sylvestre

It is also called “sugar buster”. It is able to stop sugar craving, slow down glucose adsorption in the gut, stimulate the pancreas and regenerate insulin-producing cells. That’s why it is another popular nutrient when it comes to fighting diabetes. Also, this extract has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, lowers weight, and averts heart disease.


This unique plant extract has been adopted since ancient times in India and Ayurvedic medicine. The most potent part of the banaba tree is its leaves. The extract cuts down glucose in the bloodstream and prevents oxidation.

Other components

The formula also includes:

  • vitamins C and E;
  • biotin (B7);
  • zinc;
  • magnesium.

These vitamins and minerals are adopted by the producer to stabilize the formula and to maximize its potency. Particularly, these components help control digestive hormones that interact with your insulin and thus increase its production and your natural sensitivity to it.

The effects

The supplement works in many ways. Not only does it help you revoke the disease, but it has many other health properties. It:

  • lowers glucose in the bloodstream;
  • boosts insulin release;
  • controls hormones, produced by the digestive tract;
  • reduces sugar cravings and lowers appetite;
  • lowers body mass;
  • promotes energy and physical performance;
  • normalizes metabolism;
  • reduces inflammation and prevents oxidative stress;
  • supplies your body with healthy nutrients;
  • enhances your overall wellbeing.

And the best thing is that now you can eat and drink whatever you want: the supplement will work anyway. So now there’s no need to avoid carbs, pizza, cakes or whatever you prefer. Still, it’s always better to keep a healthy diet. But at least now you don’t need to be afraid of falling into diabetic coma each time you consume some unhealthy food.

To get these effects it’s recommended that you take it for 3 months or even 6 months. Thus, healthy nutrients will build up in your body and protect you in the long run.

Is Diabacore safe?

Yes, this is the safest possible solution to diabetes. It contains no chemicals, GMO or additives. It has no aftereffect. And it doesn’t cause addiction, so you may take it as long as needed. All-natural components are applied to make this product really safe and powerful. However, it’s always advised that you check with your doctor beforehand, to avoid any complications. And be careful if you’re prone to allergic reactions.

Also, you should remember about precautions. Don’t take the supplement if you’re underage and keep it away from children. And don’t exceed the recommended dosage. Stop taking it if anything at all concerns you and talk to your physician.


People with diabetes normally spend much money on medical checkups and medicines. And still, it doesn’t cure them. Compared to how much you spend to only eliminate the symptoms of the disease, the supplement costs next to nothing: only $69 on the official website. If you make an order now, you may save more money, buying 3 or 6-bottle supply. In this case, you’ll have to pay $59 or $49 for a bottle respectively.

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And don’t be scared that you may simply lose your money and get nothing. Dr. Sully is sure about the quality and effectiveness of his invention. That’s why your investment is protected with money return policy. Your may send the product back within 60 day and get full refund.


Diabacore dietary supplement is a natural solution to this horrible and potentially lethal disease. Order it now while it’s still available and enjoy your healthy life without diabetes.